Hi. I’m Andrew.

You can usually find me hammering away at my keyboard writing scenes, articles, blog posts, or tirelessly working on editing. I wear contacts and save my glasses for when I’m writing because I feel like they give me superpowers. My hair is usually frizzed out in a million directions, I’m rarely without a coffee, and my desk chair (though missing a wheel) is my best friend.

Among the blog posts and articles I produce, I write fantasy books, which is more than likely why you’re here and not at my Life in Another World travel blog

If you’re here on purpose, welcome! If you’re not — stick around a while!

Here you will find all of the latest news and updates as to what I’m doing with my book series and general writing career. I like to encourage my readers to reach for their wildest dreams while accompanying me on my personal journey to attain all of mine.

Latest News and Upcoming Projects

Life happens and sometimes things take a lot longer to complete than projected. The bulk of this site is currently dedicated to a little book I published (and then unpublished) called Immortality Awaits. That, however, is no longer the title, and even though I’m going to keep all of the information I have about the original book, the story itself has completely changed.

That being said, here is a list of my current projects, which will start to decorate more of the space on this site outside of just the series.

The Objects of Inwit Series

Me working on this series hasn’t changed, and I doubt it ever will. Throughout my life, I believe I’ll consider this series my life’s work, which is another reason it’s taking me so long to get through them (sorry to all who have read the original book that is still being rewritten :)). The books include the following:

  1. Immortality Awaits (No longer available unless you subscribe here… or if you really want to drop a couple of dollars for the Kindle version.)
  2. Fires of Hell — The revised version of Immortality Awaits with a more fitting title.
  3. Tides of Darkness — The first sequel.
  4. The Awakening (Working Title) — Book Three
  5. The Chorus of War (Working Title) — Book Four

Omnipresent Forces

What if the President of the United States (whoever they may be) walked up to a podium and announced to the world that aliens were taking over and creating zombies to control the entire human race and prepare them for an intergalactic war?

Well, in May of 2025, that’s exactly what Jensen Carpenter discovers. Unsure about humanity’s future, Jensen decides to keep a journal and record the events as they happen. Just what is it the aliens have in store, and just how easy is humanity to actually control?

The Quietest Street

In a town where nothing crazy ever happens, a string of murders leaves the inhabitants unsettled as the work of serial killings start to become more evident. With each victim, a cryptic note is left on the body, presumably as some sort of clue as to the killer’s identity or their next victim.

When friends and family of the detective on the case start dying, however, he must start an investigation on his own after being removed from the case for emotional reasons. The more he digs, the more he realizes that those he trusts the most might be the ones out to get him.

The Infestation (Working Title)

Emery Skye is closing out her last year of college, and finds a job in a restaurant she thinks will help her out with her loans. She ignores a warning from her best friend, Janet, who tells her she’s heard that’s where people go to work until they die, and that if she ever wanted a chance of working anywhere else, she should save herself while she could. Passing off the warning as mindless scare tactics, Emery forges on with the interview, lands the job, and quickly sees an opportunity to make more money than she ever has in her life.

It doesn’t take long, however, to find out she should have heeded Janet’s warning. Underneath the restaurant, in a strange room known as “the dungeon,” lurks something evil that latches onto the employees, drains their life forces, and demands their souls in exchange for their payment.

Few people make it out, even fewer alive, and Emery finds herself in a race against the clock for her life. Will she survive, rediscover her freedom, and live the life she’s always wanted? Or has she just unknowingly surrendered her soul for the rest of eternity?

Join me! You know you want to 🙂

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