Thanks for giving me a shot! If you’re here by accident, welcome. If you’re here by invite, welcome back! Any questions you have about what I do, what I can do for you, what I charge, or what packages or discounts I offer, you’ve landed in the right spot. The page might be lengthy, but should cover everything! If not, please feel free to ask additional questions in your Project Description in the consumer order form below, or contact me separately.

Table of Contents:

  1. What Services Do You Provide?
  2. What Do You Charge?
  3. What is the Reduction Rate for Rewrites?
  4. What’s Included?
  5. Do You Have Add-Ons?
  6. What is a Kill Fee?
  7. What Have You Written About Before?
  8. Consumer Order Form
  9. Terms for Package Deals And Additional Services

What Services Do You Provide?

I provide professional, clean copy suitable for print or web content. Types of services I include are:

  • Web Pages
  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Newsletters
  • Interviews
  • Social Media Blurbs
  • Brochures
  • Rewriting*
  • Short stories
  • Novels
  • Ghostwriting
  • E-mails
  • Anything else you need done:)

*These services run at a reduced cost.

What Do You Charge?

My current rate is an average of $0.18 per word. I say “average” because I prefer to price via flat rates once the project is discussed. For example, if you’d like a 500-word blog post that ends up being 524 words, rather than charge you $94.32, I’d charge $90, which would be the flat rate discussed prior.

There is also a 25% kill fee for every project.

What is the Reduction Rate For Rewrites?

If you already have something written that you’d just like for me to rewrite for you, you can factor in about a 40% reduction rate, or around $0.108 per word. For example, if you’d written a 500-word article that you wanted to be rewritten into an 800-word piece, at the current average of $0.18 per word, you would end up paying $86.40 instead of $144.

What’s Included?

That varies depending on personal desires for the project and any additional services. As for the copy itself, it comes with two free edits before we discuss extra pricing. However, if the first submitted draft is considered inadequate or completely off base from the desired outcome, that draft will be tossed out the window and we’ll start over fresh.

There’s never any need for you to pay for substandard work.

Outside of the copy, I can include any of the additional services listed below, especially if you’re looking for web content. Essentially, apart from reading things over to make sure they looked right, you’d never have to worry about a thing.

Do You Have Add-Ons?

I sure do! I’ve been building websites (like this one and my travel blog) since I was a teenager, and while I’m not an expert in creating designs, I am well versed in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and formatting posts. Optional, additional services I can provide for web content production include, but are not limited to:

  • Formatting and posting the web page/blog post onto your website, ensuring it is SEO ready.
  • Gathering and creating images to include with the post, as well as header/featured images, plus social media image posts.
  • Blurbs to include with social media posts.
  • Interviews with subjects of interest.

What is a “Kill Fee?”

It sounds scary, I know, but it’s not that bad. The 25% kill fee is just a non-refundable down payment toward whatever the project total is. It covers the time spent on the project should an event happen where the project has to be canceled after it’s already started. For example, if it’s a piece about an upcoming business that suddenly pulls the plug right before their grand opening due to something like coronavirus, the kill fee covers the portion of work that’s already done before the project was canceled.

Again, however, the kill fee is not applicable to projects that are canceled due to substandard work. If the first submission and subsequent revisions remain against the desires of the consumer, or the project discontinued before any actual work had begun, the kill fee is refunded.

What Have You Written About Before?

I’ve worked with a number of clients over the years and written about a wide variety of topics, including, but not limited to:

At this time, you’ve probably come to this page by direct invite — so thank you, and welcome! If you haven’t been directly invited, thank you even more! Below is a(n optional) form to place a prospective order for a project, as well as a list of average prices. This order form does not charge you for anything, so don’t let the prices scare you! They’re just there for your reference when considering the project you’d like completed. Please make your selections so we may discuss the project in detail and proceed from there.

And brief can be brief, anywhere from one sentence to one paragraph. Just a general topic/idea is all that is required for now.
Please choose the desired post length. Dollar amounts only reflect average pricing of $0.18 per word. You will not be charged at this time.
Please choose if you would like any additional services. Dollar amounts only reflect AVERAGE pricing for posts of an estimated length of 600 words. Prices of services vary based on length and necessity and will be discussed with the rest of the project outline. You will not be charged at this time.
Optional to combine your above choices into a package deal if you're seeking ongoing partnership. Payment plans available. Refer to terms below for more information.

Terms for Package Deals and Additional Services

The following information is only necessary if you are considering work on an ongoing basis. They’re each set up as something of a “probation period,” in that each package comes with 10-12 posts before an ongoing contract is determined. The “probation period” would then cover something like a 90-day evaluation stage, like one may do in a “normal” job setting. The “12 posts” would then act as the “90 day probation” with the following example using a one blog post per week model. Everything from this example is then personalized based on the consumer’s needs and desires for the project.

Package A

Package B

Package C

The “growth” plan. Assume you want consistent blog posts, or one web page per month, at an average of 500 words. The growth plan at the current rate of $0.18 per word would look something like this:

  • 4 posts/pages at a price of $45 per post ($0.09 per word). 
  • 4 posts/pages at a price of $60 per post ($0.12 per word per word) .
  • 4 posts/pages at a price of $75 per post ($0.15 per word). 
  • Starting on the 13th post, every post onward is $90 ($0.18 per word).

Price of this package (without additional services):

*Actual pricing varies based on length of the project and desirability for additional services, which are offered as follows:

  • 50% off the first four posts
  • 35% off the next four posts
  • 15% off the final four posts

The “cautious but curious” plan. This gets you a one-time page or post at full price, with all additional services included. For example, a 500-word blog post plus the images for the post (both social media and in-post), a featured image, a social media blurb, and me putting it up on the website for you would be $90 instead of $160.

If, after a one-time test, you decide you’d like to continue, you can move to Package A for the remaining discounts.*

*Please note, however, that each post/page price and additional services discount will increase after 3 posts instead of 4.

Price of this package (without additional services):

The “dive on in” plan, wherein we move straight to the full pricing of $0.18 per word for 12 posts. Additionally, you’ll get the first ten pages/posts with your choice of additional services.*

Price of this package for a 500-word average (without additional services for the final two posts):

*Please note, this is the only package that requires a 12 post commitment. Please refer to the further terms below.

Further Things to Note About the Package Deals:

Packages A and B

Both Packages A and B come with frequent renewals to the contract/letter of agreement to work. After every 4th post (or 3rd under Package B,) the work of the previous posts is reviewed and the consumer (you) then decides if they’d like to carry the contract into the next batch of posts.

Therefore, the 12 posts (or 10 if you’re under Package B) are not all confirmed from the start.

Since the packages are designed for people who aren’t sure about the need for a freelancer and want to ease into it, they’re meant to allow you to review your decision a few times during the probation period before you commit to ongoing work.

For example, if you were to sign up for Package A, with the first 4 posts at $45 apiece without the additional services, you’re looking at $180 upfront with a kill fee of 25% ($45). Package B sees you starting at $90 upfront with a $23 kill fee. The $720 (or $630) totaled above is what you’d be looking at after all 12 (or 10) posts had been completed, should you choose to do so, not what you owe upfront.

The author (me,) also reserves the right to review the contract after the certain number of posts and make the same decision as to whether to carry on or not.

Package C

Since Package C is the only package that confirms 12 posts or pages, it is the only one that requires a kill fee for the entire contract. As of now, 12 500-word posts at the average of $0.18 would be $1080, with an upfront total of $270.

PLEASE REMEMBER that this package also delivers ten posts with your choice of additional services. If you’d like to add any for the final two posts, please allow room to make an adjustment for what you’d like in the final pricing of the package. If you would not like any additional services for any post, an additional discount may be discussed on a per-project basis.